S3 compatibility? It's just a feature

  This month we closed 3 major multi-petabyte deals, for very large clusters, in three different market segments. Size apart, the only thing they have in common is the requirement for AWS S3 compatibility. And this is also true for the smallest installations we are working ...
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The Importance of Performance in Object Storage

I recently read an internal report regarding a benchmark related to a PoC we are conducting with a potential customer. I can't share anything about it, but it reminded me of some old articles I wrote on Juku.it and how important overall system performance is, even for ...
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A technical introduction to Grid for Apps

Understanding Event-Driven Storage This is the first in of a series of articles about the event-driven framework that is part of our SDS object storage solution. This framework allows users to process data at scale; we call it Grid for Apps.
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Comparing blocks, files and objects

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Object storage? Sure, but where is the differentiator?

The object storage market is very crowded now, and the first question people ask me, whether they are customers, analysts, partners, or the press, is always the same: "What is your differentiator?"
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OpenIO SDS on Raspberry Pi Zero (and 1, 2, 3)

OpenIO SDS runs, again, on ARM 32bit (aka Raspberry Pi)! All packages are updated and ready to install, as well as the documentation.
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Object Storage Is for Everyone; It's Time to Adopt it

Why should you use object storage? How difficult is it to get started with it? Where can you begin? And how can you limit your initial investment and get the best ROI? The last question is the most important one, and you’ll find the answer at the end of this article.
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Storage services vs. Data services

I started working in the storage industry a long time ago, and I was fortunate to witness the evolution of storage systems from the first RAID systems to the present, with all the software-defined, cloud-integrated, and all-flash stuff that has become common. This is an ...
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Not all object storage systems are created equal

Wow! My first week at OpenIO was a blast. I received a lot of warm wishes from many friends, fellow bloggers and from all the rest of the industry. And the most common question asked by everyone was: “what made you do it?”… leaving a “cool” lifestyle to join a small ...
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