What's New in OpenIO SDS 18.10

Yes, it's here. Right on time for the fall, and full of new features and improvements. The new version of SDS is now available. Most of these features were teased or previewed at OpenIOSummit. If you attended our event, you won't be surprised, but the list of new features ...
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Introducing OpenIO SDS 18.04 (GA)

OpenIO SDS has a 6-month release cycle. In April, we released version 18.04 to a select group of customers, and it is now available to all users, including to the community through the free downloadable version.
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OpenIO 15.12 released

15.12 is here after few months of hard work! It follows our new naming rules. The switch was made to provide a global release that brings compatibility between all of our projects: oio-sds, oiopy, oio-swift, Puppet modules, deployment tools and so forth.
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OpenIO 0.8 released

Today, we are proudly announcing our 0.8 release! This release is a major milestone in the development cycle of our product.
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