Introducing the Raspberry Pi Program (and More)

You know how much we love ARM and Raspberry Pi. The first because it is a great datacenter technology that enables us to deliver on our promise of efficiency and flexibility while giving our customers more freedom of choice. As for the second, it is essential to ease the ...
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OpenIO SDS on Raspberry Pi Zero (and 1, 2, 3)

OpenIO SDS runs, again, on ARM 32bit (aka Raspberry Pi)! All packages are updated and ready to install, as well as the documentation.
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Not all object storage systems are created equal

Wow! My first week at OpenIO was a blast. I received a lot of warm wishes from many friends, fellow bloggers and from all the rest of the industry. And the most common question asked by everyone was: “what made you do it?”… leaving a “cool” lifestyle to join a small ...
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