Eating Our Own Dog Food

"Eat your own dog food" is an expression that describes when you use your own products to show their benefits and promote them. At OpenIO we are strong believers in this practice. This is why we have been filling our labs with the right technology to make sure that what we ...
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Rethinking Enterprise File Services

In recent years, I have written several times about files and objects, and about the benefits of having a file frontend associated with an object store at the backend. On September 14, we will host a webinar with our partner Storage Made Easy (SME) to talk about how easy is ...
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Resellers like OpenIO

Yesterday we had our first OpenIO Crash Course in Ferrara, Italy. It was hosted at the headquarters of ICOS (our Italian distributor), and 15 people attended.
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Building a channel, starting with Europe

We believe that OpenIO SDS is the most flexible object store on the market, and that it is very easy to install, use, and manage. This is why we can propose our product for large multi-PB installations, to run on a small Raspberry Pi, or on a 3-node cluster with less than ...
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Storage Made Easy partners with OpenIO

Storage Made Easy, supplier of the leading enterprise file fabric, signed a partnership agreement with OpenIO, enabling customers to build flexible and versatile object storage systems. Storage Made Easy software has been certified with OpenIO SDS 16.10. This collaboration ...
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OpenIO & Backblaze B2 – Hybrid Cloud Storage

OpenIO and Backblaze B2 integrate smartly for organizations that manage terabytes or petabytes of data and wish to significantly reduce their data storage costs by intelligently managing the location of where their data is stored. The integration of OpenIO and B2 allows ...
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Zimbra, a perfect fit for OpenIO

Email or not email? Is it the real question? Many people have said that email is dead, but is it really? With so many new social networks tools, email is still used to communicate and develop business relationships. Gmail has passed recently the barrier of 1B email accounts ...
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OpenIO joins Kinetic Open Storage Project

The storage industry is at a crossroad with the explosion of data volumes, the complexity associated with the size of the storage environments and the business agility due to the market pressure and economic climate. Monolithic storage belongs to the past, SAN doesn’t scale ...
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OpenIO joins SNIA, OpenStack and Open Compute Project

SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) OpenIO understands the power of the principal storage association and the various SNIA contributions to the industry through standards specifications.
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