A Quick Report from SC17: Machine Learning, ARM, and Object Storage

Last week I attended the SuperComputing Summit in Denver, and it was one of the best shows around. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to attend the technical and educational sessions, but the show floor was full of great ideas and amazing technology. I spent some time ...
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We Look Beyond $/GB, and This Is Why We Got Funded

We love to think that OpenIO is an exception in the object storage market, due to the way we approach the problem of data storage. We don’t just look at the best $/GB, but understand that it’s more important to increase $/data (the value you can extract from your data). ...
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Switch from Public Cloud and Save 400K € per Year

Teezily - one of our customers - presented at the OpenIO Summit '17  a very nice story explaining the reasons for their switch from public cloud to hosted bare metal. This story isn’t unique: Dropbox made a similar choice in the recent past. But it’s great to hear that ...
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Rethinking Enterprise File Services

In recent years, I have written several times about files and objects, and about the benefits of having a file frontend associated with an object store at the backend.   On September 14, we will host a webinar with our partner Storage Made Easy (SME) to talk about how easy ...
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Resellers like OpenIO

Yesterday we had our first OpenIO Crash Course in Ferrara, Italy. It was hosted at the headquarters of ICOS (our Italian distributor), and 15 people attended.
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S3 compatibility? It's just a feature

This month we closed 3 major multi-petabyte deals, for very large clusters, in three different market segments. Size apart, the only thing they have in common is the requirement for S3 compatibility. And this is also true for the smallest installations we are working on.
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A technical introduction to Grid for Apps

Understanding Event-Driven Storage This is the first in of a series of articles about the event-driven framework that is part of our SDS object storage solution. This framework allows users to process data at scale; we call it Grid for Apps.
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Comparing blocks, files and objects

On Thursday, April 6, we will be hosting our first webinar, "It's time for object storage!" I don't want to give out too many spoilers, but there’s a slide that I want to share with you in advance.
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Object storage? Sure, but where is the differentiator?

The object storage market is very crowded now, and the first question people ask me, whether they are customers, analysts, partners, or the press, is always the same: "What is your differentiator?"
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Want to learn more about object storage? Take part in one of our webinars.

I'm very proud to announce that I’ll be hosting a monthly live webinar together with my colleagues at OpenIO, as well as partners, independent SMEs, bloggers, and analysts, beginning April 6.
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