The stackable efficiency of an ARM-based object storage building block

A couple of weeks ago, in a moment of excitement, somebody tweeted about a small project we are working on in our lab. This piqued some interest, and many people asked me about it.
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What is Serverless Computing?

Given how much interest there was in our first Storage Talk video, we have published a new recording on Youtube. This is a whiteboard session that explains what serverless computing is, how it works, and its benefits when associated with object storage.
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Data and Computing at the Edge

This week I came across three interesting IoT projects, and, even though they are totally different from each other, they present the same challenges: data storage. This isn’t news, but things are a bit more complicated than they appear.
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Software Defined and Hardware Efficient!

OpenIO is a software company, and we sell a scale-out storage solution that can manage petabytes of data, and that can be installed almost anywhere: from a computer as small as a Raspberry Pi up to piles of fat 90+ disk servers. Regardless of the size of the installation, ...
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Not All Object Storage Platforms Are Alike. How Do You Choose?

How do you choose the right object storage platform? It’s not that simple, but we’re here to help.
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A Quick Report from SC17: Machine Learning, ARM, and Object Storage

Last week I attended the SuperComputing Summit in Denver, CO, and it was one of the best shows around. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to attend the technical and educational sessions, but the show floor was full of great ideas and amazing technology. I spent some ...
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OpenIO SDS on Raspberry Pi at SC17

Next week, we'll be attending SuperComputing 17. Our team will be present at the 2CRSI booth (#906), and we will have something really nice to share.   SuperComputing is one of my favorite industry events. It still feels like the IT shows of the 90s: there’s a lot of ...
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$/GB Is No Longer Enough; Let's Talk About $/Data

Before joining OpenIO, I was an independent blogger and analyst, and I worked with most of the object storage vendors on the market. I was fascinated by the potential of this technology, but, after many years, only a few of them have been able to deliver on their promises: ...
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Use a Private Cloud Storage and Save €400K per Year

Last week, at the OpenIO Summit, one of our customers presented a very nice story. They wouldn’t allow me to share the video or the presentation, because they discussed some strategic choices related to their infrastructure that saved a lot of money and made their websites ...
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Big Data, In-Memory, and Object Storage

The exponential data growth that we have been seeing in recent years has posed many challenges to those who require information to make decisions. Raw data has to be crunched, compared, aggregated, and transformed to become valuable information, and traditional tools have ...
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