Why We Developed Our Own Serverless Framework

Since OpenIO was founded, the company has been working on object storage. Two years ago, the team came up with the idea of developing a serverless computing framework that can be integrated with the object store. It is part of our core strategy now, and I'd like to explain ...
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Serverless Computing and Grid for Apps Explained

"Serverless computing is a new computing model for which server capacity and management decisions are completely hidden from the developer or the operator.”  That’s what I found on Wikipedia. The word “serverless” is misleading: it doesn't mean that servers aren't required ...
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Cloud, Edge, and IoT: the Future of Object Storage and Serverless

Last week I took a trip to the US, attending VMworld first, and some meetings in Silicon Valley later. I spent most of my time meeting with partners, influencers, and end users. One of the topics I frequently discussed was IoT, followed by edge computing, with cloud ...
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Large Capacities and Failure Domains

A few weeks ago, Samsung launched a new 128TB SSD, and last week Sandisk did something similar, announcing a 400GB SD card. These products are totally different, but it is clear that flash vendors are now able to achieve a remarkable die density, and it is highly likely ...
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Detect patterns in pictures at scale using Tensorflow and OpenIO Grid for Apps

Last week, we held a webinar where we explained how the event-driven processing system integrated into our object store works. The goal of this presentation was first to introduce the technology, explaining how it works under the hood, but also to perform a live demo using ...
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Simple Metadata Indexing through Grid for Apps

Simple Metadata Indexing through Grid for Apps It’s time for the second article in our series about the event-driven framework that is part of our SDS object storage solution. If you missed our first article, you can read A technical introduction to Grid for Apps. And note ...
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A technical introduction to Grid for Apps

Understanding Event-Driven Storage This is the first in of a series of articles about the event-driven framework that is part of our SDS object storage solution. This framework allows users to process data at scale; we call it Grid for Apps.
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Run Applications Directly on the Storage Infrastructure

 After our first, very successful webinar last month (It's Time for Object Storage), we decided to go deeper into our technology and talk about Grid for Apps.
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Object storage? Sure, but where is the differentiator?

The object storage market is very crowded now, and the first question people ask me, whether they are customers, analysts, partners, or the press, is always the same: "What is your differentiator?"
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Big Data, Object Storage, OpenIO and IOStack

A few years ago, when I was an analyst, I wrote many articles about architectures that can take advantage of object storage in large Big Data infrastructures (here an example) and, you know, one of my mantras in the last few years has always been to suggest the adoption of ...
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