Object Storage: Perfect for Primary Email Storage

Many people still think that object storage is only applicable to a limited number of use cases. This isn’t new; we’ve been seeing this since the launch of OpenIO SDS. Traditional object storage is usually associated with cold data workloads, and this is where OpenOI ...
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OpenIO, OX Summit Partner

Today and future challenges force businesses to consider innovative solutions to maintain and increase leading positions. With the ton of data generated everyday, current IT approaches to preserve, deliver and compute data hit a wall. Enterprises of all sizes want to build ...
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Zimbra, a perfect fit for OpenIO

Email or not email? Is it the real question? Many people have said that email is dead, but is it really? With so many new social networks tools, email is still used to communicate and develop business relationships. Gmail has passed recently the barrier of 1B email accounts ...
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OpenIO at Oscon 2015, Portland

Part of the Open Messaging Project, OpenIO spoke at OSCON in Portland about the challenge of scaling mail platform.
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