Data Storage (As You Know It) Is Dead

You already know this, right?   The market is changing quickly, and many analysts and journalists agree that data storage is getting commoditized. Many vendors are trying to change their approach and become cloud gateways rather than proper storage systems. I understand ...
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Eating Our Own Dog Food

"Eat your own dog food" is an expression that describes when you use your own products to show their benefits and promote them. At OpenIO we are strong believers in this practice. This is why we have been filling our labs with the right technology to make sure that what we ...
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We Look Beyond $/GB, and This Is Why We Got Funded

We love to think that OpenIO is an exception in the object storage market, due to the way we approach the problem of data storage. We don’t just look at the best $/GB, but understand that it’s more important to increase $/data (the value you can extract from your data). ...
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Switch from Public Cloud and Save 400K € per Year

Teezily - one of our customers - presented at the OpenIO Summit '17  a very nice story explaining the reasons for their switch from public cloud to hosted bare metal. This story isn’t unique: Dropbox made a similar choice in the recent past. But it’s great to hear that ...
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The First OpenIO Summit Was a Blast!

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What Does Serverless Mean (for OpenIO, at least)?

After much internal brainstorming and discussion, we have decided to adopt a new motto for OpenIO. We wanted something that covers the broad scope of our technology, but in a concise form. Here it is:
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Resellers like OpenIO

Yesterday we had our first OpenIO Crash Course in Ferrara, Italy. It was hosted at the headquarters of ICOS (our Italian distributor), and 15 people attended.
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The Importance of Performance in Object Storage

I recently read an internal report regarding a benchmark related to a PoC we are conducting with a potential customer. I can't share anything about it, but it reminded me of some old articles I wrote on Juku.it and how important overall system performance is, even for ...
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Building a channel, starting with Europe

We believe that OpenIO SDS is the most flexible object store on the market, and that it is very easy to install, use, and manage. This is why we can propose our product for large multi-PB installations, to run on a small Raspberry Pi, or on a 3-node cluster with less than ...
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Comparing blocks, files and objects

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