Why OpenIO SDS Is a Perfect Backup Target

The most important thing about backups is being able to recover data. You regularly perform backups hoping you won't need them, but when you do, you want to get your data back as soon as possible. OpenIO SDS is the perfect backup repository for several reasons, and in this ...
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Configure OpenIO SDS as a Backup Target

After explaining the many ways that you can install OpenIO SDS, showing you how to add a load balancer, and how to play with the software to understand its basic commands, it is time to show how to install third-party software to take advantage of it.
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Configuring Cloudberry Backup with OpenIO SDS

I'm no longer a sysadmin (not for a long time), but sometimes I have to prove to myself that I'm still capable of doing something, and I also need to check that what I'm telling others is actually true. (You know, everything about the flexibility and ease of use of a ...
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