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Not All Object Storage Platforms Are Alike. How Do You Choose?

How do you choose the right object storage platform? It’s not that simple, but we’re here to help.

We are hosting a webinar on March 1st (11AM CET + 11AM ET) to answer this question, and to help you understand which characteristics you should look for when it is time to choose the platform that could store most of your data.

iStock_000019123909Medium.jpgIt is unlikely that object stores are implemented in greenfield scenarios, and, over time, they will store a huge volume of data that interacts with an increasing number of applications. With this in mind, whether you are an ISP or end user, it is clear that choosing the right object storage platform today is a fundamental step toward building a modern IT infrastructure. This will allow you to stay competitive for a long time, and let you evolve quickly to adapt to changing business needs.

In this webinar, we will discuss aspects of object storage which are often overlooked, and that could have a huge impact on TCO and overall infrastructure sustainability. You'll learn about :

  • The myth of scalability, and how to scale for real
  • How to manage hardware evolution
  • $/GB is the reason you buy, but what comes next?
  • Open source and licensing models
  • Object storage is at the base of an ecosystem
  • All-flash object storage? Yes, and soon!

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Can't make it? Don't let that stop you. All registrants will be able to access the webinar recording on demand, so be sure to sign up! 

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