05/10/2017 |

The First OpenIO Summit Was a Blast!


Last week, OpenIO held its first large-scale meeting with customers, partners, and friends in the IT industry. The OpenIO Summit was a great opportunity to discuss ideas, roadmaps, and products, and to get to know each better, while sharing experiences and information on the future of our company and our customers’ goals.
We didn't know what to expect. We wanted to hold this on the inauguration day of our new headquarters, to make it a celebration, and we had only one month to organize it. But it was a great success, with more than 70 attendees, great interaction among peers, lively panel discussions, and, above all, lots of users sharing their success stories about OpenIO.
Attendees came from all around Europe. Many were from France, but also the UK, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, and other countries. We were amazed by the response we got, especially since our offices are not exactly in a large city. (But that’s part of their charm.)
It was a great experience for all of us, and the feedback we received was especially positive. But it is not finished yet; we recorded all the sessions, and we are going to share those videos as well as slide decks to keep the conversation going and get even more feedback from those who didn't have the chance to join us in person.  So, if you missed the OpenIO Summit, you still have a chance to see what we are doing and planning, and hear some interesting stories about our software. Videos and other files will be added to our Resources page and YouTube channel very soon.
We’ll be holding another OpenIO Summit next year. The first one was magical, and we will use what we learned last week to provide even more value to attendees next year, with new content, roundtables, technical sessions, and more. Stay tuned.
Thanks again to everyone who helped make the first OpenIO Summit a very special and memorable day!

Do you want to get a glimpse of what happened at the event? here some pictures

Written by Marie Ponseel