OpenIO SDS Architecture Technical Deep-Dive

On May 31, at 11AM CET, we will live-stream our first technical deep dive into OpenIO technology. This interactive whiteboarding session will feature Guilllaume Delaporte, head of pre-sales and co-founder of OpenIO, who will illustrate SDS internal components and how they ...
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Introducing the Raspberry Pi Program (and More)

You know how much we love ARM and Raspberry Pi. The first because it is a great datacenter technology that enables us to deliver on our promise of efficiency and flexibility while giving our customers more freedom of choice. As for the second, it is essential to ease the ...
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GDPR Is Just Two Weeks Away, Are You Ready?

Lately, we have all been receiving emails from social networks, e-commerce websites, and other organizations that store any data about us. The content of each of these emails is practically the same: they tell us that the companies are updating their terms and conditions ...
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The stackable efficiency of an ARM-based object storage building block

A couple of weeks ago, in a moment of excitement, somebody tweeted about a small project we are working on in our lab. This piqued some interest, and many people asked me about it.
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Why We Developed Our Own Serverless Framework

Since OpenIO was founded, the company has been working on object storage. Two years ago, the team came up with the idea of developing a serverless computing framework that can be integrated with the object store. It is part of our core strategy now, and I'd like to explain ...
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How to Start Small and Grow Big with Object Storage and OpenIO SDS

When I recently wrote about dynamic data protection, I decided to avoid commenting about other characteristics of traditional object storage; I wanted to avoid what could be considered FUD. But I can't stop myself, and today I'd like just to point out one OpenIO SDS feature ...
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Data Protection Granularity? Let Openio SDS Do It for You on the Fly

Last night I observed a small Twitter fight between Scality and Cloudian around an aggressive marketing campaign in which Cloudian wants to show its superiority against their competitor. I didn't get into the fight, but what struck me most was a tweet from Giorgi Regni (CTO ...
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Data Augmentation explained, and its benefits at the edge

I've been writing about how to exploit the potential of object storage and serverless computing at the edge for a while now (here and here a couple of examples). It's a really exciting topic and the use cases are amazing! 
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Object Storage: Perfect for Primary Email Storage

Many people still think that object storage is only applicable to a limited number of use cases. This isn’t new; we’ve been seeing this since the launch of OpenIO SDS. Traditional object storage is usually associated with cold data workloads, and this is where OpenOI ...
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What is Serverless Computing?

Given how much interest there was in our first Storage Talk video, we have published a new recording on Youtube. This is a whiteboard session that explains what serverless computing is, how it works, and its benefits when associated with object storage.
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